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Overseal Parade & Gala 2023 - 8th July 2023

The annual Overseal Parade and Gala takes place on Saturday 8th July 2023 at the Recreation Ground and Village Hall. This year will be bigger than ever with an anticipated 2500 people planning to attend.

Popular favourites such as the Scarecrow Competition, Photography Competition and Display, Dog Show and Tug-Of-War competition and some form of contemporary dance taking place on the field. If you have anything in the cupboard that has been sat there for a number of years and you don't really intend to use (such as 16 packs of toilet rolls left over from panic buying during Covid). Please donate them to the tombola stall. They'll accept tins of beans, soup rice pudding, custard etc, wines (including mulled), spirits, beers, soft drinks, stockpiled bottles of shampoo or shower gel. As Tesco's says.....every little helps

Overload 2023 - 27th May at the Recreation Ground behind the Village Hall 

It's that time of year again folks with the Overseal Gala Committee proud to present Overload 2023.  This years line up is pretty damn good if you like your music loud and with a lot of bass. All local bands and all highly recommended.

If you're not sure how to find the location, just follow your ears....

Surfin' Llama's

The Treble 444's

The Ransacked

April Davis

Cheese 'N' Tatas

23rd October 2022 - Vegan Activists claim Apple Day is creating Zombie Apple Trees

Local vegan activists are claiming that Overseal Apple Day is creating the possibility of a Zombie Apple Tree apocalypse due to the way the pressed apple pulp is being piled up at the base of the apple trees.   There are plans to protest against this total disgregard of the natural order by entering Overseal Co-op on Burton Road and spilling at least one bottle of Friij milkshake or maybe a pint of milk on the floor. They have said they will clean up any mess once they have taken photos for social media.

A spokesperson for the group who would only comment on the basis of anonymity states that the pulp being used as food for the trees could turn the trees into cannibals, and once they get the taste for apple flesh they will no doubt start eating their own children as they grow on the trees meaning there will be nothing left to harvest.

Another member stated that the scene was like something from The Matrix where live apple trees are being intravenously fed the bodies of the dead apples, its horrific.

We asked a local scientist if the vegan's fear of Zombie Apple Trees is a real possibility and he was quick to reassure us that the chances of this happening is slightly less likely that Netherseal's football team winning the football world cup in November, and that vegan's brains start to deteriorate rapdily after turning away from bacon due to constantly trying to convince themselves that "plant based alternatives" taste of something other than cardboard.

28th March 2022 - Overload Lineup change

Following the shock announcement of the death of Taylor Hawkins of the Foo Fighters, the Overseal Gala Committee are having to rethink the line-up for Overload this year. The Foo's had not confirmed their plan to play the annual festival, but it was hoped that the email sent by act organiser Dan O'Bookum to their management last year might have been enough to tempt them to play in at least a supporting role.

Dan was not immediately availble to comment, but is expected to release a statement on the This is Overseal Facebook page later this week. Overseal Scouts are still expected to headline the show playing an eclectic mix of recorder  favourites such as Londons Burning and Kumbaya.

20th March 2022 - Overseal Gala Committee Ban Vladamir Putin from all Gala Events

The Overseal Gala Committee has announced that Vladamir Putin has offically been banned from attending all Gala events including Overload, the Overseal Gala and the Firework Display for the forseeable future. The decision was taken following heated debate at the committe meeting on  Tuesday 15th March 2022, with a small number of the members concerned that a blanket ban on all events would be a step too far given Vladamir's love of the Bric-a-brack stall and his ability to make a firework display out of his aircarft being shot down. 

However, in the spirit of compromise and  a show of unity the committee decided that he cannot attend the sites of the events, so is not allowed on the recreation ground whilst the events are taking place, but he can stand and observe from Woodville Road or Hallcroft Avenue without breaching his ban. A spokesperson for the Gala Committee who asked to remain anonymous said "Although, to our knowledge, Vladamir has never attended an event here in Overseal, the Gala Committe feel that given the extraordinary events in Ukraine it would be unwise on the grounds of public safety to allow anyone accused of war crimes from attending the events until the outcome of any trial is concluded in the Hague. We are also implementing a blanket ban on the sale of any Russian Federation based toys such as characters from the Compare the Meerkat series on any stall at the Gala.  As a show of support to our Ukrainian cousins we will also have a food stall selling goulash and kabanos sausages which we believe come from somewhere near the Ukraine so the people of Overseal can have a taste of the cuisine.  The vodka and caviar stand has been cancelled"