Local Info

For Village Hall Bookings - There's a really big notice board outside with contact details on it or you can now search Google for Overseal Village Hall bookings and click on the Overseal Parish Council links to book it online, or just take a walk,  it's lovely round there.

For local services such as plumbers, sparkies, brickies or joiners - You can either Google it and add the word "Overseal" to the end of the search or ask on Facebook in This is Overseal (be prepared for banter if you end it with "asking for a friend" as everyone knows it's for you. It's a bit like turning up at Queens Hospital A&E with a super-hero figure inserted in your rectum and claiming "you slipped").

If you're in need of a brew, toastie or a piece of cake - Monday's and Wednesday's from 9.30am to 1pm the Overseal Community Cafe is open at the Pavillion (next to the village hall). Eat in or takeaway available and most of the produce is made by local volunteers. The cafe is run by volunteers too, putting something back into the commmunity so if you have some time, why not pop in for a brew and a chat with your village neighbours, a warm welcome is assured. 

For bus services - The timetable can be found here. The number 19 service is provided by Midlands Classic and they use a variety of buses on the route. If you replace the word "classic" with "so old it doesn't need an MOT, smells of despair and shattered dreams", you'll get the idea.

For train timetables - Go to Burton, or Tamworth, or Derby, but not Overseal

For information about the village school - They have a website which can be found here, it's usually more up to date than the parents who block the path gossiping in their dressing gowns at drop off and pick up time.

For pothole repairs - The roads and paths are maintained (I use the word loosely) by Derbyshire County Council who take the vast majority of your council tax to spend on making Buxton and Matlock look pretty. You can report a pothole here. I've found you get a better response if you plant a flower in the pothole or put a fake shark in it before taking a photo.

For South Derbyshire District Council - These are the people who will replace your wheelie bin when it goes missing (as storing 3 bins isn't enough for some people), or the recycling bin men have broken the black caddy for the 20th time. You can also whinge about / support local planning applications, find out when they expect anyone to actually be in the office to work and other local information you'll probably never need in your life here.

For Overseal Parish Council Information - Even though the real power in the village is held by the Gala Committee, a Parish Council is still a legal requirement, like the Russians have the Duma, to legitimise what the Gala Committee decree. You can find minutes of meetings and the services provided by the council here

For Police Enquiries - The local boys (and girls) in blue have their own Facebook page which is well worth following to see whether any of the people you know have had their car towed away for no tax / insurance. You can find them here. They don't have messenger any more, but you can contact them through either the Derbyshire Police Website (if you have a crime or incident number) or via their phone number which is 0345 123 3333 If you want to report suspicious activity or a crime call 101. If it's an emergency, call 999 (and no that doesn't apply to your child has had his cannabis stolen from behind the village hall either).

For local doctor and dentist provision. - There aren't any.  If you need a quack quick, use the NHS service to find a doc that is less than 500 miles away that's taking on patients here. You should be able to get an appointment within a month, so please book your illness in advance if possible.  For dentists, you might be quicker going to the Robin Hood and insulting the biggest bloke there. Make sure they hit the side of your mouth that the dental problem is.  Otherwise you can try here to get on a waiting list (which is approx 4 years for a checkup) 

For the real history of Overseal - There is an Overseal History Group on Facebook who are happy to discuss why Mount Pleasant is really called Mount Pleasant.  You can find them here